[:es]Cuba: Electoral Authorities Intensify Work for Elections[:]

[:es]Havana, Nov 24.- The Cuban electoral authorities are now intensifying the ensuring works to guarantee the successful development of the general elections that will be held on November 26.

According to data offered by the National Electoral Commission (CEN) the more than 24,300 electoral colleges to open their doors Sunday, November 26, at 07:00 local time, are activated.

Previously, there was a dynamic election test, with satisfactory results, in which the 1,200 CEN authorities took part.

More than 8 million Cuban citizens registered in the voters list are convoked to the ballot boxes, to elect the delegates of the 12,515 Cuban circumscriptions, said CEN president Alina Balseiro.

Balseiro expressed her confidence in the massive attendance to the elections, and insisted on the idea that the electoral authorities must work with ethics, transparency and attachment to the truth.

CEN secretary Maria Esther Bacallao said that the material, organizative and other kinds of conditions, were all verified.

The elected delegates will comprise the Popular Power’s Municipal Assemblies for two and a half years.

The second round of the elections in those circumscriptions in which none of the candidates obtains more than 50 percent of the valid votes, will take place on December 3. (PL)[:]