Bay of Pigs and the Anti-Cuba Campaign

Bay of Pigs and the Anti-Cuba CampaignHavana, Apr 14. -The fierce anti-Cuba media campaign currently developed by the US and its European allies brings to mind, these days, the similar advertising move Washington launched prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Just like this April, the same month of 1961 witnessed a well orchestrated media campaign against the then emerging Cuban Revolution, using the US control over the mass media.

The decision to overthrow the Cuban government by force had been long made by the highest US governmental spheres.

Those who had traditionally controlled the Cuban economy and society never imagined that the small neighbor country could make its own decisions and run its growth.

As early as April 1959, after the interview with Fidel Castro, then US Vice President Richard Nixon decreed it was imperative to eliminate the Revolution for it posed a threat to the White House interests.

Florida-based groups in charge of terror actions against Cuba had increasing support, while it was developed a media campaign aimed at ensuring the future direct aggression.

In that media drive, the US spared no effort to convince the world, with false news, of an internal rebellion on the island and of the support for a "government in the exile" grouping traditional, corrupt politicians.

The strategy has not changed much with the passing of years, and a torrent of lies on its reality has been currently unleashed against Cuba, with the same support for those who prefer to be at the service of the enemy power.

However, the Bay of Pigs invasion goes down in history as the humiliating defeat in less than 72 hours of a paid army which not even that costly media campaign could save.(Prensa Latina)