Memorial to Prominent Cuban Heroine

Memorial to Prominent Cuban Heroine Santiago, Cuba, Apr 7. -A memorial to honor the work and example of prominent Cuban revolutionary Vilma Espin will be opened on Wednesday in this eastern city, where she was exactly born 80 years ago.

Sited in the house she lived most of his childhood and youth, this will be a museum, with six exhibition halls, about the heroine's fruitful work, its director Margiola Sanchez told the local media.

The early years of her life and studies, and her entry at the Oriente University, where she studied chemical engineering, and to the secret struggle against the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship (1952-1958) are displayed in the museum, the director said.

Vilma Espin's entrance at the II Frank Pais Western Front, her wedding with the chief of that army and current Cuban President Raul Castro, and the creation of her family after that marriage are also exhibited.(Prensa Latina)