Canadians Send Letter to US President on Cuban Five

Ottawa, Oct 10. -Members of Latino communities in Canada sent an open letter to US President Barack Obama asking him to allow the return home of Cuban anti-terrorist fighter Rene Gonzalez, already our o US prisons but still on supervised release.The initiative was taken at the First Our Americas Forum, which concluded on Sunday in this capital.

The letter was passed as a resolution agreed during the meeting, Arnold August, member of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, told Prensa Latina on Sunday.

The document, supported by participants from Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, considers unfair and a risk to Rene's life the court decision to maintain him on supervised release in US territory for another three years.

Gonzalez was released on Oct 7 from a prison in the city of Marianna, northern Florida, after serving a harsh sentence since Dec. 2001.

The letter asks Obama to immediately send Rene back to Cuba and free the other four anti-terrorist Cuban fighters: Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez. (Prensa Latina)