[:es]Thousands of Latin Americans March Against Neoliberalism in Uruguay[:]


Montevideo, Nov 17.- A massive march from the University of the Republic to the Obelisk of this capital opened the Continental Conference for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, based in Uruguay.


The river of flags with colors and insignias of social movements, union organizations, feminists and ecologists, and schools from countries like Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and the host nation, flowed through the 18 de Julio Avenue, the most important in this city.

The voices of Temer Out! (president of Brazil) and Macri Out! (president of Argentina) were recurrent during the inaugural mobilization of the meeting, focused on the struggles in defense of democracy and against free trade agreements.

Also, the confrontation to the transnationals and the impulse to the integration of the peoples, cornerstones of the appointment, were in the calls of the thousands of activists of some 20 countries present in the march.

In a dialogue with Prensa Latina, the Mexican Gustavo Castro, from the organization Otros Mundos, member of the Friends of the Earth federation, highlighted the importance of the articulation of social movements in Latin America in the current situation in the region.

By exemplifying the importance of events like this, Castro, a participant in the march, stressed that it allows the elaboration of common strategies, not only of defense but also of prevention against mega-projects of dispossession in some territories. (Prensa Latina)