Cuba Publishes Agreements of PCC Conference

Havana, Jan 30. -The Cuban press published on Monday the Resolution passed on Sunday at the closing session of the 1st National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba(PCC), regarding the work objectives of that political organization.* Single Party System Guarantees Sovereignty, Raul Castro Says Over 800 delegates from all over the country backed democratic centralism and collective leadership as the guiding principles of unity and the links to the masses at the conference, held over the weekend at Havana's Conference Center.

Participants also agreed to promote and demand the implementation of the guidelines of the 6th PCC Congress, a forum that established the strategies to update Cuba´s economic model.

Other issues passed at the conference relate to the strengthening of the links with society´s organizations, the fight against corruption and illegalities and rejection of prejudices and discriminatory behaviors in terms of race, sex or religious beliefs.

From the resolutions of the Conference, Cuban communists authorized the Communist Party's Central Committee to decide the pertinent modifications to the statutes in accordance to the established work objectives.

Regarding the debates taking place prior to the Conference, PCC First Secretary Raul Castro described them as deeply democratic.

Raul Castro also reaffirmed the country's denunciation of U.S. campaigns against Cuba.

The anti-Cuba campaigns will not damage the Revolution or the Cuban people, who will continue perfecting their socialism, the leader underlined. (Prensa Latina)