Free Software at International Congress Info 2010

Free Software at International Congress Info 2010 Havana, Apr 21. -A workshop on free software and computing and communication technologies will be in session on Tuesday in the framework of the International Congress of Information, Info''2010, to be held until Friday.

The program of the congress' third day also includes a panel on business intelligence and Competitive Intelligence and knowledge management in the enterprise, IntEmpres'2010, and the international workshop on qualitative and qualitative researches of science and technology.

About 500 Latin American and European specialists are attending the congress to discuss important issues like information's necessities and services in the 21st century, its learning, lecture promotion, information culture in the knowledge society, information workers' challenges, and quality and assessment of sources.

The parallel activities include an exhibition to promote and sale information services and the setting up of new join projects.

Under the slogan "Knowledge Society and its Critical Aspects", the congress aims to discuss about communications' new technologies, the new managerial approaches, and demands that workers and institutions have to face nowadays.

The biannual congress was founded in 1888 and is sponsored by UNESCO and the Institute of Scientific and Technological Information (IDICT) (Prensa Latina)