[:es]Venezuela: 61st Anniversary of the Granma Yacht Commemorated[:]


Caracas, Dec 2 .-With a flower offering at the Mausoleum to the Libertador Simon Bolivar, the 61st anniversary of the disembark of Cuban yatch Granma coming from Mexico and the foundation of the Cuban Armed Forces was commemorated here Friday.

In a solemn activity presided by Cuban Ambassador to Caracas, Rogelio Polanco, at the National Pantheon, Cubans, Venezuelans and members of the diplomatic corp accredited in the Venezuelan capital gave tribute to Simon Bolivar, a fighter for the independence of the peoples of America.

It is a very important date for the people of Cuba, because it marks the anniversary of the arrival of the Granma yacht and the founding of our Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR),’ Polanco told the media.

‘That was an extraordinary action of the people to carry out their final struggle and it was the founding moment of our FAR, for us it is an obligatory commemoration for how much it represents for our people, in particular to commemorate it in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,’ the Cuban diplomat pointed out.

He recalled that Bolivar did not forget Cuba at the moments the war of independence of America was going on and ordered the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio José de Sucre, to prepare an expedition to make Cuba independent.

‘That is why we have come here to the National Pantheon to give tribute to the Liberator, to whom we are all grateful for his legacy and his ideas. Cuba and Venezuela have an extraordinary challenge to face, as part of the struggle of the peoples of our continent,’ he stated.

‘President Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan people are an authentic example of how strong the Bolivarian Revolution is, and will always be able to keep the support of the Cuban people,’ concluded the Cuban Ambassador.(Prensa Latina)