Cuba Saves Fuel by Reducing Energy Consumption

Cuba Saves Fuel by Reducing Energy ConsumptionHavana, Jun 9. -Cuba has saved about 16 thousand tons of fuel by reducing 35,383 megawatt hours of total energy consumption scheduled until May, the Office for Rational Use of Energy said on Wednesday.

The director of that institution under the Ministry of Basic Industry, Tatiana Amaran Bogachova, said that those figures are the result of several measures that allowed to maintain consumption levels below set figures.

Amaran highlighted the work done by the government-controlled energy councils created in May 2009, aimed at controlling the consumption of electricity in the territories, from municipal to national level.

Initially the mission of the Energy Council was to ensure compliance with the electricity consumption plan. Now, these bodies try to make this work more efficient by matching the rate of consumption and services with the planned parameters, Amaran explained.

In many companies and institutions these procedures have involved solving organizational problems and making small investments, stressed Amaran.

Given the high temperatures typical of summer, when electricity consumption increases considerably, Amaran urged the business, private and residential sectors to step up energy-saving measures. (Prensa Latina)