US blockades complicate response of various countries to Covid-19

Canberra, Mar 23.- The Australia-Cuba Friendship Societies (ACFS) today called on several international organizations to speak out against US sanctions on the island, Venezuela and other nations, due to their implications in the midst of the Covid pandemic-19.


Several territorial subsidiaries of the organization denounced that blockades and force measures against those countries and others such as Syria and Iran, will complicate their ability to respond to the disease.

The blockades and economic sanctions against these countries -they pointed out- can severely limit their possibilities to face the current crisis through restricted access to medicines and equipment.

He cites the example of the siege on Cuba, which has cost the public health sector around 2.5 billion dollars, and what is worse, has prevented it from buying much-needed equipment and medicines.

He also noted such procedures not only harm people’s health in the directly affected nations, but also the rest of the world.

In this sense, he cited a report by World at Risk according to which disease outbreaks interrupt health systems and services to cope with all diseases and conditions, which increase mortality and depresses the global economy.

ACFS recalled the World Health Organization (WHO) described the current global public emergency as a greater threat than terrorism.

The letter was addressed to WHO itself, its Global Readiness Monitoring Board, and the World Trade Organization. (Prensa Latina)