UNICEF Cuba Calls for Raising Children’s Awareness of Disasters

Havana, Feb 2 .- The United Nations Children’s Fund in Cuba (UNICEF Cuba) called Friday to instruct minors on the occurrence of disasters, such as the tornado that hit this Havana on Sunday.


Teach children and adolescents why disasters such as the one they have lived occur, and what they can do to stay safe now and in the future, UNICEF Cuba suggested in a message on Twitter.

Listen to them when they want to talk about the disaster that affected them, although it may be painful, adds the text from the UN agency, which ended the note requesting protection for every child in the world.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children can more effectively face a disaster when they feel they understand what is happening and what they can do to help protect themselves, family, and friends.

After an adverse event or crisis, they learn from adults how to deal with these situations energetically, the AAP considers.

Children cannot be expected to face difficult feelings if there is no role model or example to follow, it highlights.

On January 27, an EF4 category tornado caused severe damage to 10 de Octubre, Guanabacoa, Regla, San Miguel del Padron, and Habana del Este municipalities.In addition to the victims, the climatic phenomenon damaged the infrastructure of the city and the housing stock. (Prensa Latina)