Tourist attraction of Havana’s old street lamps

Havana, Apr 12.- Despite the aftermaths of Covid-19, some tourists today choose Cuba’s destination to venture into the streets of Havana and other cities, in awe of the beauty of old street lamps.


Those lampposts shelter the walker, among the trees, with historic parks at their feet and the persevering gaze of those who carry a camera.

Precisely, those lampposts, including the old and modern ones, compose today a very particular feature for the walkers, for those who make a pilgrimage through the city that appeared in the limelight in 1519, on November 16.

When we observe those lampposts, the history of public lighting comes to mind, which in Havana is very well represented.

This system consists of the illumination of public roads, parks and other spaces of free circulation.

Scholars even recall that after humans took control of fire, one of its uses was illumination.

And a good range of those artifacts can be seen in Havana streets, as an active museum, which although now are electric, retain their original structure and materials from an original lamp holder.