Tomas Borge Rests, Nicaragua Promises to Follow His Example

Tomas Borge Rests, Nicaragua Promises to Follow His Example Managua, May 3. – Nicaraguan Commander Tomas Borge is resting as he wanted, along with the remains of another founder of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation, Carlos Fonseca, after a mass chaired by President Daniel Ortega.

Gun salutes with military honors, horn calling to silence, a crowd surrounding the tomb, built close to Fonseca's mausoleum at Managua's Revolution Square, while national television broadcasts live the event on Wednesday.

Ortega, Rosario Murillo, Borge's relatives, delegations from many States were present, they said good-bye to an inert body, because his ideas will continue pave the way in Nicaragua, as show by the people and the Parliament in a fair assessment of a dear man, due to his loyalty, bravery, critical sense to recognize his own mistakes and vocation for unity.

Thousands of people and representatives from Latin American governments, parties and organizations attended the homage.

Vice President Ramiro Valdes represented Cuba.

On Wednesday, Cuban President Raul Castro expressed his condolences to the Nicaraguan people and government for the death of the Sandinista leader.

The Cuban president and the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, sent wreaths on behalf of the Cuban government and people on Wednesday to honor Borge.(Prensa Latina)