Cuba to continue fostering links with its emigrants

Havana, Jan 16.- Cuba will continue to promote the process of strengthening ties with Cubans living abroad, initiated by the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, in 1998.


According to the director of the Department of Attention to the Cuban Community Residing Abroad (DACCRE), Ernesto Soberon, seven years after the 2013 update of the Migration Policy, the increase in travel by Cuban citizens abroad for personal reasons continues.

He also pointed out that from that date until June last year, 4,402,577 trips were made, and there was a sustained increase in the entry of Cubans residing abroad, mainly from U.S. territory.

The migratory measures announced on October 28, 2017, are also part of the continuous and irreversible process of strengthening relations between Cuba and its citizens in other lands, told the official to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

Soberon said that the holding of the Fourth Conference on Nation and Emigration in Havana next April is a response to a recurring request from Cubans abroad.

This meeting will constitute a new and important step forward in terms of continuing to strengthen the links between Cuba and its fellow citizens around the world, he said. (Prensa Latina)