Regional escalation is caused by Israel’s violations, Syria says

Damascus, Apr 16.- The Syrian government considered that the regional escalation is the natural and inevitable result of Israel’s repeated aggressions and serious violations of international law.

This position was cited by the media, which reported the intervention of the Syrian delegate to the United Nations, Qusay Al-Dahhak, during a session of the Security Council convened by Western countries to address the recent Iranian attack on Israel.

The diplomat denounced that Tel Aviv perpetrates aggression against the territories of Syria and other countries benefiting from the support offered by the US administration.

Damascus has repeatedly warned the Security Council and the General Secretariat about the dangers of the escalation that the Israeli authorities provoke to cover up their failure in Gaza and find justifications to continue their atrocities against the Palestinian people, said the diplomat.

He blamed the Israeli occupants and the US administration for the Israeli attacks and for any further escalation in the region that threatens peace and security. He also called for serious measures and for Western countries to review their destructive policies towards the region and its people.

“These governments must immediately and unconditionally take the initiative to correct their policies and impose an immediate cessation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and end the illegal military presence of US forces on Syrian lands,” said Qusay Al-Dahhak.

The representative of Damascus reiterated that Iran’s massive attack against Israel was a correct and real exercise of the legitimate right to self-defense guaranteed by the Charter of the United Nations, and indicated that the attack was also an urgent necessity imposed by the persistence of the Israeli occupier in its crimes and aggressive actions.

Finally, he denounced that Western countries continue to prevent the Security Council from acting to stop Israeli aggression or even condemn it.

The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Faisal Al-Mekdad, had described the Iranian response to Israel as legitimate and considered that the latter does not respect international law and will or the Charter of the United Nations.

Tehran stressed that the massive attack by the armed forces was a response to the inherent right of self-defense as stipulated in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.(Take from Prensa Latina)