[:es]Radio broadcasters celebrate their holiday in Santa Cruz del Sur[:]

[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur Dec 1.- Daily discipline and self-preparation characterize the legacy of Romelio Cruz Victoria, the unforgettable Master of radio broadcasters in this land, who performed as Director in Radio Santa Cruz Station for a long time.

Simply Romelio, whose physical departure was a year ago, sow in each of them the constancy of integrity, professional ethics, pure fellowship, educational requirement.

Experienced and inexperienced radio broadcasters pass ¨school¨ day to day. There are necessary stages for them to begin this matter everyday : previous study of the radio script and table work with program director. No loose ends when it is time to do this work.

They need spirit richness of vocabulary and fluent pronunciation to reach radial listeners ears.

There are several words meaning You, dear radio broadcasters: confidence, love, tenacity, loyalty, honesty, patriotism. You are in the confidence army of Cuban Revolution and in the heart of people. Congratulations in your holiday. (Translated by Yaima Báez)