USA Aims to Discredit Venezuelan Revolution, Says MP

Caracas, Jul 21. -U.S. accusations against Venezuela aim to discredit the revolutionary process led by President Hugo Chavez, because the country has become a new point of reference for Latin America, Latin American Parliament member Marelis Perez said.In statements to Prensa Latina, the Parlatino legislator referred to continuous U.S. slander campaigns about the anti-drug fight in Venezuela, and how the U.S. repeatedly includes Venezuela on the list of nations that supposedly fail to meet international commitments to stop drug trafficking.

"UN figures extol the significant reduction of drug trafficking from Venezuela and its regulations to fight that problem, and minimize any criminal action related to the use of the country as bridge to traffic in drugs to the United States and Europe," she said.

However, the White House strives to ignore those efforts with a fully spurious and double-standard rhetoric over the Venezuelan policy against drug trafficking, the deputy stressed.

"Instead of making a forceful policy to reduce those activities, some states approved laws to permit drug consumption, while there are centers that add chemicals to psychotropic plants, thus posing even greater perils to the people's health," Marelis affirmed.

"We must always look at the United States with great suspicion. It is necessary to unmask the ruling elite that are involved in crime to serve their interests as an empire," she concluded. (Prensa Latina)