Pope Francis Rejoices with Cuban Circus’ Performance

Rome, Jan 3.- Pope Francis enjoyed the performance by Cuban circus artists who greeted him at his Wednesday’s General Audience in the Paul VI Hall.


For the second consecutive year, members of the Havana Company, from the National Circus of Cuba, filled with their virtuosity, joy and color the closing of the weekly meeting at which the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church receives pilgrims from all over the world.

With evident joy Pope Francis appreciated the show by acrobats, dancers and a juggler. The Pope briefly spoke with the artists and directors at the end of the performance.

‘Beauty always raises the heart, beauty makes us all better, beauty brings goodness and also to God,’ said Pope Francis, who reiterated his gratitude to the circus artists and asked them to ‘continue like this, offering beauty to all the people.’

The Havana Company has been highly acclaimed again in this capital since December 14, following their success during the 2017-2018 season in several Italian cities.(Prensa Latina)