Innovations in Chemistry at Int’l Conference in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 8. – Nanotechnology in chemistry is one of the innovations that promotes great interest among experts of eight countries attending the 20th International Conference on Chemistry in this eastern city.

Roberto Cao Vazquez, president of the Cuban Society of Chemistry, talked of substantial changes experienced in that science by reducing dimensions and quantities of substances to nanotechnology levels.

The expert, from the Faculty of Chemistry of Havana University, opined that the impact of nano-chemistry in the scientific-technical revolution is immense, with impacts in areas from electronics to medicine, included new measuring methods that are highly sensitive.

Another lecture related to that subject is that of Doctor Luis Alberto Montero Cabrera, from the same institution. He spoke on whether the theoretical models of nanoscopic systems are real or chimerical.

The 20th International Conference on Chemistry will conclude on Friday, and is sponsored by the Department of Chemistry of the University of Oriente during the international year dedicated to that science, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the granting of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Maria Slodowska Curie.(Prensa Latina)