New productive record in one month for ALISUR Enterprise

[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur, Nov 24.- To honor our Commander Chief in the first anniversary of his death, the Enterprise Unit for fish food production ALISUR, from this municipality, set a new productive record in one month. They reached the mark of 1 220 ton of pelletized fish food for national aquaculture in October. The excellent result was announced Thursday morning in an act that took place in this factory.

The deficit of wheat in the Isle slowdown the production plan this year, May was critical for the factory which has more than two decades working. Nevertheless, the planned estrategy was efficient.

Abel Suárez Cabrera, director of the industry, remembered that previous record was obtained in 2009 with 1 176 ton. As they also produce extruded fish food, have obtained 501 ton of this kind during 2017, highest mark since the new line start up.

It was recognized effort and discipline of workers who pretend, with the acquisition of important resources, to increase production. It was also highlighted the labor of founders and those who have remained for 25 years uninterrupted here. They subordinate to Supplier and Marketer Enterprise (PROPES, by its accronym in Spanish) at Ministry of Food Industry (MINAL).

Local artists performed a brief but significant cultural spectacle devoted to the Historical Leader.

“To recover the productive plan is worthy. Men will was imposed; hard work, solution to organizational, technological and material problems, standed out”; expressed Víctor Pérez Escobar, general director of PROPES.

There were present Luz María Najarro Espinosa, general secretary of Municipal Labor Union of Food and Fishing; besides, members of ALISUR board of directors. (Translated by Yaima Báez)[:]