[:es]Members of European Parliament Demand End of the US Blockade to Cuba[:]


Brussels, Dec 1st .-Members of the European Parliament and numerous activists demanded the end of the US blockade against Cuba, during an event in which representatives of a dozen countries from the so-called old continent took part.


With the title ‘The days of European action against the blockade,’ the meeting was extended for two days (November 29 and 30) to show the rejection of this economic, commercial, and financial siege that constitutes the biggest obstacle for the economic development of the Caribbean nation, the participants emphasized.

During the sessions, the impact of this hostile policy on Cuban society was discussed ‘as the greatest violation of the human rights of an entire people,’ a statement said.

Europeans and representatives of social movements from nations such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, among others, attended the meeting, organized by the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) and the solidarity association Cubanismo.

On the Cuban side, the director of the Cardiological Center William Soler, Eugenio Selman Hussein Sosa, the vice-president of the Commission of Economic Affairs of the National Assembly, Oscar Luis Hung Pentón; and Camilo Guevara, director of the Che Guevara Study Center and son of the legendary revolutionary fighter, took part in the event.

Guevara presented in the plenary the unpublished documentary ‘Hoy liberé a una mariposa’ (Today I freed a butterfly), dedicated to Che and his guerrilla comrades in Bolivia, becoming a tribute to their families.(Prensa Latina)