In difficult times, Vietnam is by Cuba’s side, ambassador says

Hanoi, Aug 17.- The Cuban people on Wednesday confirmed once again that in difficult times, Vietnam is always by its side, Ambassador Orlando Hernandez said when he received the members of the Truong Son-Ho Chi Minh Association.

The veteran Vietnamese officers and soldiers went to the headquarters of the Cuban official mission on Wednesday to deliver a donation of 20 million dongs (about 850 dollars) as a contribution to compensate for the damages caused by the fire of great proportions occurred at the Matanzas Supertanker Terminal.

This time, Hernández delivered to the visitors a message of gratitude sent by Noemí Rabasa, First Vice President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), in which she recognizes the outstanding solidarity work done by this group of war veterans.

Upon making the donation, General Luong Sy Nhung, Vice President of the Truong Son-Ho Chi Minh Association, recalled the help Cuba and its historic leader, Fidel Castro, gave to Vietnam in the most difficult moments of the war for the national liberation and independence.

Fidel’s presence in Quang Tri, during his first visit to this country in September 1973, was a special stimulus to continue the struggle, underlined Sy Nhung, who reiterated that Vietnamese citizens keep in their memory the multiple gestures of solidarity and support received from Cuba.

On August 5, a lightning struck one of the gigantic crude oil deposits at the Supertanker Base in the western Cuban city of Matanzas, unleashing a voracious fire that could only be extinguished a week later by the island’s forces with support of specialists and resources from Mexico and Venezuela.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)