Health authorities prioritize health intervention in a Cuban province

Camagüey, Cuba, Jun 30 .-Public health authorities are intensifying the health intervention in the third most populated city of Cuba, at present one of the risk territories in the country due to Covid-19.


The priority groups, which include people of more than 60 years of age, were the first to be vaccinated on Monday in a region with more than 70,000 senior citizens, who will be administered the Covid-19 vaccine candidate Abdala.

Former director of the Cuban national baseball team, Miguel Borroto, exclusively told Prensa Latina that ‘we, Cubans, must be proud of this vaccine, which is the greatest thing, a result of what Fidel dreamed for the glory of the country’s scientific complex.’

Camagüey municipality, which has a complex epidemiological situation with a high rate of cases, has prepared a total of 72 vaccination centers.

‘The rate of infected cases must decrease with Abdala, but we must increase measures because the risk is still very high,’ Sonia Gonzalez, head of Primary Public Health Care in Camagüey, said. Although vaccination predicts the best results in terms of population health parameters amid the pandemic, Camagüey’s health authorities are warning about the need to continue with the measures because an important group, which includes people under 18, will not be part of the health intervention in a inicial stage yet.

Some 540 km east of Havana, Camagüey has currently an important health infrastructure which includes a Molecular Biology Laboratory, three hospitals and several isolation centers to treat Covid-19 patients. ( Prensa Latina)