Cuba Will Request Baseball Caribbean Series Venue of 2020 or 2021 (+ Photos)

Havana, Jan 27 .-Cuba will request the headquarters of the Caribbean Series of 2020 or 2021, said the president of the Cuban Baseball Federation, Higinio Vélez.


The baseball boss on the island recalled, however, that to get the tournament venue, Cuba must be accepted as a full member of the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean (CBPC).

There is no longer any impediment (after reaching the agreement with the American Major Leagues on December 19). Actually there are many possibilities that we are (for Cuba) accepted as full members in the next meeting of the CBPC, he said.

Cuba was the founding country of the Caribbean series in 1949. From that year until 1960, the clubs of the largest island of the Antilles won seven of 12 editions, being the superpower of the region.

However, between 1960 and 2014 he left the contest due to political differences.

In 2014, after hard negotiations, Cuba returned to the Caribbean Series with the Azucareros de Villa Clara, who attended the edition of Isla Margarita, but as guests.

That condition of guest accompanies until this year to the teams champions of the National Series in that joust, something that could change in the imminent future.

If everything goes according to plans, Cuba would be accepted as a full member since 2020, and then could request the organization of the event, said Vélez, who has been in charge of the FCB for more than a decade and several times as national champion as director of the Wasps of Santiago from Cuba.

On Saturday, Vélez was present in the flag of the team Leñadores de Las Tunas, representative of Cuba in the Caribbean Series this year, which was going to take place in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, but could change its seat due to the political instability prevailing today. in that South American nation.

We are ready to attend Barquisimeto. We support everything that has been done so far by Venezuela in organizational matters. We are waiting for the final decision, explained Vélez.

The CBPC announced on Friday that this Saturday will announce its final decision on the Caribbean Series of 2019. Among the variants is to maintain the Venezuelan headquarters – although it is very unlikely – move the championship to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia or Panama, or even cancel the fair.

 (Prensa Latina)