[:es]French Senators Reiterate Rejection of US Blockade on Cuba[:]


Paris, Jan 26 .- Members of the French Senate has reiterated their rejection to the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for more than 50 years, after meeting in this capital with Havana ambassador to Paris Elio Rodríguez.

According to diplomatic sources, Socialist senator Helene Conway-Mouret, president of the France-Caribbean Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group in the upper house, ratified her rejection to that economic, commercial and financial siege.

She recalled that she recently sent an official letter to U.S. Vice President and President of the Senate, Michael Pence, to request the ‘lifting of the blockade that directly affects the welfare of the Cuban people.’

The Cuban ambassador thanked the firm gesture by the French senators, on behalf of the National Assembly of People’s Power of the Caribbean nation.

During the meeting, the diplomatic representative addressed some aspects about the situation in Cuba today, as well as the island’s ties with the European Union and the regression experienced in the U.S. relations with Cuba, after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Senators Françoise Cartron (Socialist Party), Catherine Conconne (Socialist Party), Patrick Chaize (The Republicans), Pierre Louault (Union of Democrats and Independents) and Gay Fabien (Communist Party), as well as the executive assistant of the Group, Tina Mikel, alao attended the meeting.