[:es]Cuba: No Infant Mortality in Cienaga de Zapata since 2015[:]


Cienaga de Zapata, Cuba, Mar 20 .-Zero infant and maternal mortality over the past 39 months are today major achievements in the health sector in the municipality of Cienaga de Zapata (Zapata Swamp), the largest and best preserved wetlands in the insular Caribbean.


The Zapata Swamp, a wild area south of western Matanzas province and 180 kilometers southeast of Havana, has a population of 9,000 in 18 communities and covers 1,520 square kilometers.

These demographic and geographic characteristics turn the region into Cuba’s largest municipality and, at the same time, in the least populated area in the country.

Local Health Director Ariel Alayón told Prensa Latina that the region has 13 family doctor’s offices, some of which are in faraway areas and provide specialized medical consults.

He mentioned other favorable indicators in the municipality, like a reduction in the number of children with low weight at birth and zero infections by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases like dengue fever.

The expert attributed these positive results to the intersectorial work done in the healthcare field in coordination with local mass organizations and government institutions.

We have a staff of 150 experts, including physicians and nurses, in addition to technicians and health technologists who work at family doctor’s offices and in two polyclinics, one in Playa Larga and the other one on Cayo Ramona, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology, Alayón noted.

We are also using natural and traditional medicine and have a ward for integral rehabilitation, the official concluded.(Prensa Latina)