[:es]Favorable Transformations Recognized in Cuban Town of El Cobre (+Photos)[:]


Santiago de Cuba, Aug 21 .-The construction of two hotels to facilitate the stay of hundreds of people visiting the town of El Cobre, about 22 kilometers northwest of the city, marks the transformations underway there.


The president of the Popular Council in that emblematic settlement, Alejandro Perez, said that life today is absolutely different from the panorama of misery prevailing in those lands, where some survived with handouts in the surroundings of the Church and others were exploited in the copper mines.

As the six decades of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution approach, which had decisive insurrectionary actions in these areas, the community leader praised the visit made in those days prior to the victory by the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, who had just come down from the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, and was greeted with joy.

‘Today in El Cobre nothing lacks from the social point of view,’ said Perez, referring to the Cultural Center, the pharmacy, the cinema, the young computer club, the wifi area, the integral polyclinic, the rehabilitation room, the nearby Ambrosio Grillo general hospital as well as the gastronomic centers.

The highest local authority in El Cobre considered that this is a privileged place for the Revolution, where the opening of a new headquarters for the Steel band, a musical group unique in the province and proud of its members, is a novelty.

With his 65 years living in the place, Perez expresses satisfaction for these benefits at the level of the patrimonial values of a town which hosts the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Caridad( Virgin of Charity), Patron Saint of Cuba; the monument to the Cimarron, rebellion against slavery, and the oldest copper deposit in Latin America.

Visited by the three popes who have been to Cuba, El Cobre is a point of attraction for Cubans and foreigners who come there in search of spiritual healing and recreation that fosters a natural and cultural landscape of unique beauty.


(Prensa Latina)