CUBATUR bets on hygienic and safe tourism

Havana, Oct 6.- The Covid-19 pandemic poses a challenge to the tourism sector at the international level, with a direct impact on numerous travel agencies, such as CUBATUR, the longest-lived of the leisure industry in the island.


The touroperator, with almost 60 years of experience in domestic and foreign tourism, grew in the face of the harships associated with the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and bets on a hygienic and safe service, the director of CUBATUR OCCIDENTE branch, Carlos Rivera, assured on an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina.

Rivera indicated that the agency has branches specialized in foreign marketing, which are in charge of contracting with tour operators.

Currently, those offices are very active, considering that the opening of tourist services is scheduled for November 15, the executive referred.

Tourism in the world is a bit compacted, it is necessary to gain the client’s confidence again, but gradually, with the new normality and by demonstrating the quality and safety that Cuba’s services have always had, we will win the battle in the commercialization levels, he added.

According to Rivera, the sales include all the tourist Cuban destinations, including the keys and the hotel and non-hotel products of all the chains operating in the country.

The leader added that CUBATUR, as the dean of Cuba’s tourism operations, also has a broad portfolio of products, including the representation of over 100 tour operators, assistance at ports, airports and hotels, as well as specialized tour guides by language, among others.

To shorten distances and gain positioning, social networks play an essential role, he highlighted.

Despite the Covid-19 impact, CUBATUR continues to modernize its structures and products.

Its employees, who are its great asset, maintain a high sense of belonging and commitment to the founding legacy of the company, which specializes in promoting the development of tourism of the people and for the people.

(Prensa Latina)