Cuba’s Special Development Zone Contributes to Social Environment

Havana, Feb 17 .-As part of its program, the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM, in Spanish), in western Cuba, takes care of the social environment by creating infrastructure and services that benefit people.


The ZEDM strategic guide, its Development and Business Program, ‘pays special attention on the social environment, thus contributing to its development while boosting infrastructure, services and business,’ a post on the Zone’s Twitter account says.

In the town of Pueblo Viejo, in Sector A of that major economic enclave, ’12 families received new houses as part of the project’.

According to the Territorial and Urban Ordering Plan in Sector A, and in order to make better use of the space in the area, the ZEDM Office, in conjunction with other institutions, worked on the census of the houses that hinder the development of infrastructures to relocate them in 2018.

This process implies the construction of new houses, similar or better than the current houses of 120 families included in the census, with their consent, according to the report.

After the first 12 houses were delivered, construction of the others continues in a community where public health, education, commercial and gastronomic services are also conceived.

The residents in the town of Quiebra Hacha have already benefited from infrastructure works, transportation and new jobs, according to the twit.

This year, the ZEDM, which attracts foreign business people, is focusing on keeping the pace of foreign investments.

In that regard, the ZEDM seeks to develop its infrastructure and services to speed up the establishment of new users and leasers.

Of 43 businesses approved, 17 are already operational and two have been authorized to start up operations.

Last year, the ZEDM reported an increase in investments, according to the information provided on Twitter.