Cuba´s PM marks Urban Agriculture Program Anniversary

Havana, Dec 28.- Cuba´s Prime Minister Manuel Marrero on Sunday marked the 33rd anniversary of the country’s Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture Program, created by Army General Raúl Castro.


On Twitter, Marrero ratified his support for such an initiative, recognized as a genuine expression of family farming.

‘We congratulate its founders, those currently involved and our people, its main motivating element and protagonist. I will not stop supporting and developing this movement,’ he tweeted.

Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture in Cuba covers more than two million hectares of land, and some 500,000 families contribute to it through their own backyards and plots.

Despite the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the initiative continues with food production because its approach, technologies and organization are based on food sovereignty rules, Elizabeth Peña, director of this Program, assured in her statements to the press. (Prensa Latina)