[:es]Communist Party of Chile Condemns Provocation against Cuba[:]


Santiago, Chile, Mar 10 .-The chairman of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh), Guillermo Teillier, described as a provocation the visit to Cuba by right-wing lawmakers from this South American country.


Asked by reporters about the events that took place in Cuba with some Chilean politicians, Teillier noted that there are precedents that point to the wish to affect bilateral relations by acting disproportionally.

‘Well, before, the UDI (a party on its way to office), the right wing and other representatives demanded that the Chilean Government did not invite Presidents Raul Castro and Nicolas Maduro to the transmission of presidential power,’ he recalled.

He noted that this pretention meant in reality ‘to tell them not to come to the country, which evidently should generate tension.’

The PCCh leader pointed out that if that position was complemented by the presence of Chilean lawmakers in a hostile event against Cuba in Havana, ‘it is evident that it was a provocation, for which only those who carried it out must respond’.

‘And curiously it takes place on the eve of the election in the House (of deputies of Chile), when an agreement had already been reached’, he underlined.

Teillier, who is also a lawmaker, described as ‘non-conducive and disproportionate’ the fact that these cases were aimed at ‘affecting very important agreements for the progressive and center-left forces and favoring the right wing’.

The lawmakers Jaime Bellolio, from Unión Demócrata Independiente (UDI), and the recently elected parliamentarian Miguel de Calisto, from Democracia Cristiana, tried to enter Cuba to participate in an illegal event in Havana that was considered a provocation.

During a meeting with tour operators, hotel chains and airlines, all promoters of Cuba as a tourist destination, Ambassador Jorge Lamadrid noted the wish to strengthen cooperation in the so-called smokeless industry.

The head of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Chile pointed out that regrettably, some events are aimed at damaging the historic ties between the two countries. He encouraged the experts in tourism to continue to trust Cuba. (Prensa Latina)