[:es]Cubans in US Defend Sovereignty, reject Blockade[:]


Washington, Oct 28 .- More than 100 participants confirmed their presence at the 4th Meeting of Cuban Residents in the United States in defense of sovereignty and against the blockade, which will take place today in this capital.


The Consul General of Cuba in this country, Alejandro Padrón, confirmed in an interview with Prensa Latina that his compatriots come from 17 states and the District of Columbia.

According to the diplomat, the territory of greater representation will be the southern Florida, in correspondence with the place where the highest number of Cubans is located.

Also, he said, the attendance of significant groups from Washington DC, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Massachusetts, New York and Louisiana is expected.

Padrón stressed that this event, whose first three editions were held in 2012, 2014 and 2016, has as its main objective to reaffirm that the vast majority of Cubans living in the United States are in favor of normal relations between the two countries.

That means, he stressed, that the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington on the island almost 60 years ago disappeared, to travel freely to Cuba, and have bilateral ties in all areas.

During 2017, more than half a million US citizens and more than 320,000 Cubans living in the United States have visited the island, the diplomat said.

In accordance with the program of the meeting, the speech of of two North American congressmen of the Working Group on Cuba of the Capitol is scheduled, dealing with bills favorable to the existence of normal ties.

The agenda includes a presentation by Eusebio Leal, historian of Havana, related to the role of Cuban emigration in the struggles of his country for independence.

Padron and the official Alejandro Romero will also present details about the current immigration policy and consular services, mainly the general procedures with passports.

At the closing ceremony of the event, at a university in the capital, high officials of the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry will also attend the event.

(Prensa Latina)