Child Labor is an Evil Present in Europe

Child Labor is an Evil Present in Europe        Brussels, Jun 2. -More than two million children under the age of 15 are salaried workers in the European Union, even in developed countries such as Holland, Denmark and France, charged the Non Governmental Organization "Save the Children."

Children who work is one of the most extended phenomenom in all of central and eastern Europe, while poverty forces the young to take on adult work in face of necessity of subsistence.

Beauty parlors, restaurants, laundries and cleaning companies tend to be refuges for immigrant children although it is more frequent to find them victims of sexual exploitation and working in mines and countryside under military control and as domestics, the institution reported.

This organization informs that thousands of young boys from Morocco and Madagascar find work in large cities such as Paris.

"Save the Children" also reports the arrival of hundreds of children to the United Kingdom through networks in Nigeria, Ghana or Uganda where families hand them over hoping to guarantee education for them.

According to the International Labor Organization, the world economic crisis makes it difficult to eradicate childrenâ�Ös work with an increase of eight million the number of adolescents exposed to dangerous work.

On the other hand, loss of work forces many fathers to leave home and bring up their children in a situation, the experts say, in migrations that has a devastating psychological impact on the minors who become victims of crime and exploitation.

These international organizations calculate that there are more than one million boys and girls who live under these conditions in Europe, in countries such as the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldavia and Rumania that have a difficult economic situation. (Prensa Latina)