[:es]Cuban Municipal Assemblies to Hold Special Session[:]


Havana, Jan 19 .-The Cuban People”s Power Municipal Assemblies will hold special sessions on January 21 to nominate the candidates for delegates to the Provincial Assemblies and deputies to the Parliament.

Arranged by the Cuban Council of State, this action is part of the general election process carried out by the Caribbean country.

National Candidacy Commission President Gisela Duarte stated that ‘the candidates will attend on Sunday, January 20, the People’s Power Municipal Assemblies in special session.’

Those elected will form two structures: the People’s Power Provincial Assemblies and the National Assembly (Parliament), Duarte said.

Firstly, the candidature is approved, and secondly, each of the candidates will vote individually by the president of the Municipal Assembly, Duarte said.

The candidates should have more than 50 percent of the favorable votes to be approved and then elected by the people, Duarte said.

She recalled that the municipal candidacy commissions carried out from January 5 to 14 an individual consultation with those delegates of the Municipal Assemblies as of their biographies and meetings.

It is expected that those who are nominated will carry out between January 22 and March 10 a tour program through the municipalities for a greater exchange with the population, prior to the March 11 elections by the Council of State, the Cuban Television’s Information System stated. (Prensa Latina)