[:es]Cuban Foreign Minister Talks to US Legislators about Bilateral Links[:]

[:es]Washington, Nov 4.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla talked to a dozen of US senators and representatives of the Congress, about the current state of the bilateral relations between Cuba and the US, and the significant setback they have now experienced.

The Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister met the US legislators Thursday, at the Dirksen Building of the US Senate, and he reiterated that Cuba has not any responsibility on the allege incidents which have affected the personal health of US diplomats and their relatives in Havana.

Minister Rodriguez remarked there is no evidence confirming the existence of any attack or any deliberated action on the US diplomatic personnel in Cuba.

He once more expressed the will of the Cuban government to continue the dialogues and the cooperation in the investigation to reach the truth on those incidents, and called the US government to stop politicizing the issue.

According to the text of the diplomatic note, the US congressmen expressed their willingness to work in favor of the bilateral relations with Cuba and for a greater investigation of the incidents.

As part of the Cuban delegation, there were Josefina Vidal, general director of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Barbara Elena Montalvo, head of the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s Secretary Office and Jose Ramon Cabañas, Cuban Ambassador in Washington.

In the same day of this meeting Rodriguez Parrilla offered a press conference to US and foreign press media, in which he condemned Washington for using the topic of the US diplomats to harm the bilateral relations.

Rodríguez criticized the decision of the administration of Donald Trump to reduce substantially the personnel of its Embassy in Havana, and to expel, in a groundless way, 17 officials of the Cuban legation here.

Answering a question from Prensa Latina, the Cuban Foreign Minister expressed that Cuba has a complete willingness to continue with the cooperation to investigate this topic and shares the concern for the complaints of health that the members of the US foreign relations service may have. (PL)[:]