[:es]Fishing industry in Santa Cruz del Sur overfulfills production goals[:]

[:es]Fishing Industry Enterprise Algérico Lara Correa (EPISUR) in Santa Cruz del Sur overfulfilled important indicators as a part of its production plan in 2017.

Trade is over eight million pesos and it outbalances the one achieved in the same period last year in 1.8 million pesos, explained to press Víctor Dávila Ávalos, economic vicedirector here.

Among main parameters is foreign exchange, overcoming the plan in 120 percent, from this the 4.5 percent is from internal market, pointed out Dávila Ávalos.

They also grantee tolling services to shrimps and aquaculture industries of national enterprises. Its rating is about 28 percent.

There are someothers highligted marks that favorably affect EPISUR´s productive performance. They fulfill the activity level in a 120 percent in general, with 600 tons. (Translated by Yaima Báez)[:]