[:es]Cuban Dance Company Receives Nomination to British Award[:]


Havana, Feb 27 .- Cuban dance company Acosta Danza celebrated its nomination to British Robert Robson Award in the Manchester Theatre Awards Monday.


With such recognition, the Cuban company is being inserted in the category for Best Dance Show, together with British emblematic English National Ballet and the Rambert Dance Company, just two years after the foundation of the Cuban dance company.

The Manchester Theatre Awards are among the most prestigious awards of the performing arts in the United Kingdom. For winning, the specialized critics selects the best shows presented in Greater Manchester (county of Manchester) during the year.

In 2017, Acosta Danza performed with critical and public success on October 12 and 14, at The Lowry Theater, in the City of Salford, in Manchester.

The young group presented a program composed of the pieces El cruce sobre el Niagara, by Marianela Boán; Belles Lettres, by Justin Peck; Imponderable, by Goyo Montero; Mermaid, choreography by Sidi Larbi and Twelve, by Jorge Crecis.

Acosta Danza aims to offer integrating shows from the contemporary and the neoclassical, without discarding other expressions, times and styles of dance art.(Prensa Latina)