Cuban Capital Joins Electronic Government

Havana, Dec 27 .- Havana authorities have joined the electronic government, one of the key components of Cuba’s commitment to the computerization of society, Communications Minister Jorge Luis Perdomo said on Wednesday.


‘What a good end-of-year gift for the capital of all Cubans. Our commitment to finalize several projects for the 500th anniversary. We say to their authorities and to their population that We Are Cuba,’ he wrote on his Twitter account.

Last week, Perdomo spoke at the People’s Power National Assembly about the computerization of society and its challenges, and insisted on the importance of electronic government to strengthen contacts with the people.

In the first of several stages, the initiative consists of the presence on the Internet through websites of ministries, territorial governments and institutions, while the second phase would begin in 2019 with the aim of ensuring that these platforms not only provide information, but also guarantee interaction with citizens.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel confirmed at the National Assembly that the electronic government is a priority for the country.

During his speech at the People’s Power National Assembly’s Commission of Attention to the Services, the president emphasized that that modality of management represents a key component of the computerization of the society, next to electronic commerce.

According to Diaz-Canel, establishing the electronic government involves computerizing all the processes and the presence on the Internet of the institutions through websites and social networks.

This year, we expect to close a first stage, consisting of creating digital portals of the Central State Administration, although not all of them offer immediate possibilities for interaction with citizens, he said. (Prensa Latina)