Cuban authorities convene virtual event on cigars

Havana, Oct 24.- Cuban tobacco authorities convened the Habanos Premier virtual event, scheduled for October 25, under the slogan Live it with us, in honor of the high quality of this product.


According to a press release from Corporacion Internacional Habanos S.A., the virtual event will be held on the occasion of the presentation of the company’s exclusive product on Duty Free and Travel Retail channels.

They pointed out that this call is targeted at lovers of luxury, travel and, above all, Habanos, Cuba’s premium or handmade cigars, considered the best in the world.

They added that participants will be able to enjoy a very complete stand, attractive video-vitrines and the most expected product in Duty Free and Travel Retail.

Habanos S.A.’s top management will be in charge of the presentation, according to the press release.

On the website, cigar aficionados will access such presentations on the aforementioned date, the communiqué concluded.

Habanos are considered the best premium cigars in the world due to the triple condition of soil, climate and experience of the producers, and that crown remains despite the impact of Covid-19, Habanos S.A. spokespersons reminded.

(Prensa Latina)