Cuba urged to correct distortions and re-boost the economy

Havana, Dec 27.- Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, reiterated that the implementation of the measures recently announced in the National Assembly is necessary to update the Government’s work systems, local media published today.

In the most recent meeting with the country’s governors, Marrero stressed the country is embarking on a new path in its economy after the announcement of measures to correct distortions and re-boost this sphere next year.

He added that in this process solutions are rectified and sought, convinced that, given the complexity of the economic situation and to resolve it, it is necessary to act, encourage citizen participation and apply rigorous control.

Also present at the meeting with the governors and the mayor of the Isle of Youth special municipality were the president of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament), Esteban Lazo, and the vice president of the Republic, Salvador Valdés.

The participants analyzed fundamental issues of the country’s socioeconomic reality and provided information on the main issues evaluated by the Cuban vice president in the local administrations of People´s Power in 41 municipalities of the country during the months of September and October.

In this sense, he highlighted the implementation of the Law on Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Security, the operation of the contracting committees, the formation of local productive systems and the general directives for the prevention and confrontation of crime, corruption, illegalities and social indiscipline.

Valdés pointed out that in the exchanges a high dynamic of movements and positions of mayors and vice-intendants was appreciated, as well as a lack of preparation of the cadres on the approved policies and the legal regulations to implement them.

For this reason, he alluded to the importance of completing positions, stabilizing them and continuing with training in order to increase their skills, the only way to measure whether or not the structure is adequate.

When reporting on the contracting and price agreement committees, Valdés explained that, despite being established in all municipalities, what is produced is not contracted or controlled, this being the issue that weighs most in the opinions of the population.

He pointed out that greater management of state companies and agricultural productive bases is required to assume a greater role in direct marketing with an impact on prices. (Taken from Prensa Latina)