Cuba Remembers Proclamation of Socialist Nature of Revolution

Havana, Apr 17.- President Miguel Diaz-Canel recalled the humanitarian, inclusive and socialist nature of the Revolution led by Fidel Castro (1926-2016) through a message he posted on his Twitter account.


Cuba remembers today, April 16, what happened 58 years ago at the historic corner of 23rd and 12th streets: ‘We are ready to give our life for this Revolution of the humble and for the humble,’ the President posted on his account @DiazCanelB.

In another tweet, Diaz-Canel recalled Fidel Castro’s words when he said: ‘… They cannot forgive us for being here right in front of their faces and we have made a socialist Revolution in front of the face of the United States!’

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted the validity of the speech offered by Fidel Castro almost 60 years ago at the central corner of 23rd and 12th streets, in Havana neighborhood of Vedado.

How long their words are valid. Fidel Castro: ‘What imperialists cannot forgive us is we are here, (…) is dignity, integrity, courage, ideological firmness and the Cuban people’s revolutionary spirit and sacrifice,’ Rodriguez posted on Twitter.

The socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution was declared by Fidel Castro on April 16, 1961, during the funeral honors for the victims of the bombings to several targets in Cuba.

A day earlier, enemy planes camouflaged with the insignia of the Revolutionary Armed Forces attacked the air bases of Ciudad Libertad, San Antonio de los Baños and the airport of Santiago de Cuba.

This air attack was the prelude to the mercenary invasion by Playa Giron, known as Bay of Pig Invasion, a territory located in the central province of Matanzas, where an armed brigade, trained and transported by the United States, landed in the Zapata Swamp on April 17.

After 60 hours of fierce fighting, the mercenaries, who surrendered in Giron beach at dusk April 19, were defeated. This action represented ‘the first great defeat of US imperialism in Latin America,’ according to Fidel Castro. (Prensa Latina)