[:es]Security and Kindness, Top the Preference for Cuba[:]


Havana, Feb 1st.- Most of the foreign tourists arriving in Cuba comment as the most impressive traits of the trip: the people and street security, besides looking for beaches and nature in their vacations.

They give such impressions to their guides and to reporters who persistently look for cracks in the opinions of those who prefer this island as the ideal place to rest, already over four million per year in foreign visitors.

That was confirmed by professionals of travel agencies of the United States, who meeting in Havana agreed in such opinions and thus, do their bit in this destination’s attraction.

That event grouped this week executives of travel agencies, hotels, tour operators, airlines and cruisers, who expressed their interest in continuing with commercial relations with this country and its authorities.

The U.S. recreation industry is a sample button due to the bans faced by Washington subjects to travel freely to Cuba and their attraction for the island. They became a measuring stick as about 620 thousand U.S. citizens traveled to Cuba in 2017.

Now, U.S. President Donald Trump charges again in his recent speech on the State of the Union, intensifying his critics against several nations, including Cuba.

These opinions come a few hours later than what was said by Terry Dale, president of the Association of Tour Operators of the U.S. who assured to be open for business in a very secure country, marvellous and legal for travellers from the northern country.

Official reports said very appropriately that this archipelago has more than 67 thousand hotel rooms, to which is added two thousand private restaurants and over 21 thousand rooms in private homes.

Canada continues as first emitting market of travelers to Cuba with 34 percent of the total of arrivals, while the U.S. and Canada together amount to 45 percent of the total, followed by Europe with 33 percent.

Sixty-eight airlines fly to the island and connect with 70 important cities of the world, while cruisers operate 25 ships to become many more, with 265 stopovers and more than 170 thousand passengers, according to data of 2017.

As the old saying goes, so many looks cannot be wrong in a world that offers very beautiful and interesting destinations, but with security problems and where people may even reject those arriving.

Thus Cuba, now, instead of having negative promotion, has a positive, attractive and original, based on the shoulders of its little over 11 million citizens. (Prensa Latina)