Cuba Exposes U.S. Maneuvers to Fabricate Leaders in the Island

Cuba Exposes U.S. Maneuvers to Fabricate Leaders in the IslandHavana, Apr 4. -Cuban television will broadcast a documentary Monday featuring declassified information on how U.S. intelligence services prioritize the creation of "social leaders" in Cuba by recruiting people.

The documentary, Fabricando un Lider (Fabriacating a Leader), part of the series "Las razones de Cuba" (Cuba's Reasons), shows that this maneuvering is specially carried out among Cuban intellectuals, to get them to serve Washington's interests.

In previous programs of the series, Cuba revealed the identity of double agents who had infiltrated anti-Cuban organizations or had connived directly with U.S. diplomats in Havana, and one of them was invited to the White House and conferred the Medal of Liberty.

Their testimonies are proof of how the U.S. Government pushes forward its subversive plans against Cuba.

The series Cuba's Reasons is broadcast on Monday nights on the Cubavision and Cubavision Internacional channels. (Prensa Latina)