[:es]Cuba Insists on Nuke Disarmament[:]


Havana, Aug 8 .- The tragedy caused by the atomic bombs dropped in August 1945 against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki should motivate the international community to find an effective path towards nuclear disarmament, the Cuban Movement for Peace stressed on Tuesday.


In an interview with Prensa Latina, the president of the Movement, Silvio Platero, recalled that the United States then carried out bombings without any tactical or strategic reason, because the Second World War had practically ended, with a balance of more than 200 000 dead and a deadly impact on future generations.

The launching of those bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki also gave rise to an unbridled race for obtaining the nuclear weapon by the powers that emerged victorious from the war, he warned.

According to Platero, after 73 years of the crime, the scenario can not be more worrisome, given the existence of 14,000 nuclear weapons, of which 3,200 are ready to be fired.

Just a tiny part of that arsenal in the hands of a few countries would be enough to destroy humanity, hence the urgency to wipe them out, he said.

The activist highlighted the recent visit to Cuba of Cruise for Peace, aboard of which traveled the so-called hibakushas (survivors of the bombing carried out by the United States against Japanese cities).

They were very small when the tragedy occurred, but their testimonies are chilling and ratify the world the importance of eliminating those lethal artifacts, he stated. (Prensa Latina)