[:es]Camagüey is an example for other countries, highlights Ignacio Ramonet ( Photos)[:]


Camagüey, Nov 24.- The recovery of areas affected by the hurricane Irma in Camagüey, as happens in the people’s council in Brazil, in the municipality of Esmeralda, “could serve as an example to the world, a model for many countries, which as Cuba suffer this type of natural disasters”.

So appreciated the well-known Spanish intellectual Ignacio Ramonet, this Wednesday during a visit to the village of Jaronú, as it is also known to that region of the northern territory, which after the passage of the meteorological phenomenon has generated multiple news, by its serious consequences and the speed with which its inhabitants are returning to normality.

“Through the Internet millions of people in the world could see what the Cuban Revolution can do here in Brazil. Here is a picture of Raul (refers to the President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Greater one of the Antilles, Raul Castro Ruz) with a sentence that expresses ‘Yes we can’, and indeed, if you can, thanks to the organization, the sense of ethics, solidarity and to a party, as is the Communist Party of Cuba,” said the journalist and university professor.

No one could imagine that the cyclone step makes so little time, and that this is on track to be built. It is impressive to see the movement of solidarity, participation of the affected population itself, the enthusiasm, the good architectural taste in the apartments that are being built,” said the author of the book One Hundred Hours with Fidel.

“This can only be done in Revolution, and in particular, in the framework of the Cuban Revolution,” said Ramonet, who was accompanied by Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, president of the Council of Defense; Isabel González Cárdenas, Vice-President of that structure, and other leaders of the workpeople.

Before the necessary reflection, with regard to the proximity of the first anniversary of the death of the Commander-in-Chief, recalled: “I said that Fidel has not died, is immortal, because we know that it is still alive, his thought, his example, his teachings”.

“What is happening here at this moment is the thought of Fidel in action,” concluded in his exchange with the press the relevant theoretical of the communication referring to the recovery of Brazil, territory, severely affected by the hurricane Irma, where exchange with workers on foot, from several municipalities, who give their support to return to the demarcation heritage values that make it a creditor of the condition of National Monument.

In the past, Ramonet toured several places of the ancient city of Camagüey medium, such as the Technological Walkway, where he praised the use of new technologies by part of the population; the Commercial Recreation Center The Glass; The Colonial hotel, whose architecture he admired; and the Museo Casa Natal de Ignacio Agramonte, where he met the life of patriot’s flagship location, among other sites of historical and cultural interest. (Text and Photos: Juan G. Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte.)