[:es]Ciego de Avila recovers with contributions from all[:]

[:es]Ciego de Ávila, Nov 29.–A visit by First Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez to the area provided more encouragement to the 1,699 families whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Irma in Punta Alegre, among the more than 31,000 affected across the province. Díaz-Canel began his tour here, before heading to nationally important resort areas in Jardines del Rey.

The Vice President conversed with resident and authorities, admitting that seeing the damage first hand was sobering, while noting the growing popular participation in recovery efforts.

Accompanied by Félix Duarte Ortega and Raúl Pérez Carmenate, president and vice president of the Provincial Defense Council, respectively, Díaz-Canel expressed his agreement with the policy being implemented to rebuild the community with prevention in mind, making an effort to construct stronger dwellings to withstand extreme weather events.

He likewise commented on the voter turnout for the November 26 elections, saying that the participation was “impressive” – 91% in Punta Alegre.

In Morón, which has faced a severe drought, he was informed of the improved water situation, and learned that 21.9% of the 7,158 dwellings damaged by the hurricane have been fully repaired.

Visiting Coco and Guillermo Keys, he was able to appreciate recovery efforts in this beach resort area, where only 364 rooms remain to be repaired, among the 7,000 damaged.

Before departing, Díaz-Canel was updated on tributes which took place in the province on the occasion of the first anniversary of Fidel’s death, as well as activities planned to celebrate the upcoming 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution. (Granma)[:]