China rejects politicization of human rights to pressure Cuba

Beijing, Dec 22.- China rejected that the United States politicize the issue of human rights to exert pressure and interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs, by urging it to normalize bilateral ties on the basis of respect.


Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reiterated his government’s opposition to double standards and to criticism used as a pretext to promote foreign interference in the Antillean nation.

China -he added- always maintained that the United States must respect the sovereignty and independence of Cuba, and eliminate the economic, financial and commercial blockade, imposed unilaterally for more than half a century.

He urged Washington to overturn its ties with Havana, but supported equality to respond to the interests of both peoples.

Likewise, Wang considered that the normalization of ties between the United States and Cuba will lead to stability and development in Latin America.

His statements ratify China’s stance against the coercive policy and insistence of the White House on using human rights as an argument to make impositions on the island.

The Asian nation always joined the majority of the international community in demanding the lifting of the US blockade of Cuba, considering it harmful to the interests and life of the people, as well as contrary to the United Nations Charter.

For years he called on Washington to correct this hostile stance and denounced the extraterritorial nature of its sanctions, since it violates international law. (Prensa Latina)