Trump’s cruelty against Cuba condemned in France

Paris, Sep 26.- The French solidarity association Cuba Linda condemned the recent measures implemented by US President Donald Trump, to tighten the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island, which the group described as sickly cruelty.


Pretending to tip Florida’s vote in his favor during the November 3 presidential election and pleasing the far-right and anti-Cuban Mafia in Miami, Trump has just announced new measures against the island’s economic interests and also against US citizens themselves, the association told Prensa Latina.

On Wednesday, Trump banned that US citizens stay in hotels funded by the Cuban government, import tobacco and rum from Cuba and attend or organize conferences in Cuba.

According to Cuba Linda, founded in 1998 to promote solidarity with the island and promote that French citizens know its reality, the audience chosen by the real estate magnate for the advertisements speaks for itself about his electoral plans.

The association considered particularly reprehensible that a country that recommends freedom of trade strengthens the blockade and intends to further deprive Cuba of income, just when the United Nations advocates that the unilateral coercive actions do not hinder fighting Covid- 19.

Cuba Linda ratified its solidarity and insisted on the increasingly clear Washington’s isolation and its blockade, discussed these days during the sessions of the 75th UN General Assembly. (Prensa Latina)