Russian, Canadian tourism boom excels in Camaguey, Cuba

Camagüey, Cuba, Dec 27.- Despite the political campaigns of the United States against Cuba, the influx of Russian and Canadian tourists to this eastern part of the country, is very noticeable at the end of 2019.


The main issuing markets have been motivated by the various improvements in the hotel infrastructure of the region, which combines geographical charms with potential for the practice of city tourism in a town declared by UNESCO in 2008, Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In statements to the digital portal Cadena Agramonte, María Gema Suárez, sub-delegate of the Cubanacán hotel group in the province, said the boom in visitors corresponds to better infrastructure, conditioned to correspond to that increase.

The on-site tour operators has strengthened the criteria and opinion of the main travel agencies, which in turn prestige the destination of sun and beach where the Royal Floor Residential Hotel was inaugurated this season, with 35 rooms, and 4-star category, he scored.

Also this year, businessmen from the tourism sector, from Spain, including the travel agencies Camaleon Travel, Zafiro Tours Cieza and Mundo through, arrived in this province, who joined other European counterparts in the mega Travel Games event , organized by tour operator Thomas Cook.

‘By 2020, construction projects will begin until 2025 and we will strengthen the main poles, and in the provincial capital this year we will advance in works such as the San Juan de Dios hotel,’ said director of Mintur operations group in Camagüey, Bertha Rodríguez .

Tatiana Shnell, at the head of the tour of the Russian tour operator Pegas Touristik through the town, said that ‘the fundamental product we promote is sun and beach, but we are interested in complementing our clients’ stay with excursions to the city, as another way of knowing to Cuba and its people’.

Despite the constant measures of the United States government to prevent the rise of tourism in Cuba, the international airport terminal Ignacio Agramonte of the city of Camagüey alone in 2017 experienced an increase in operations to receive 250 thousand passengers from several destinations, according to official statistics. (Prensa Latina)