Big tweet campaign for the Culture Day in Cuba

Havana, Oct 20.- The hashtags #CespedesPrimerMambi, #ConLaMismaEstrella, #CubaEsCultura #JornadaCulturaCubana this Friday focused Tweeter users´ messages on the social network, about the Big Tweet Campaign for the Cuban Culture Day.


The initial publication by the Ministry of Culture quoted words of the independence leader Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, initiator of the Ten Years War for the Cuban liberty on October 10, 1868.

Cuba aspires to be a large and civilized nation to extend a friendly arm and a fraternal heart to all other peoples, according to the first big tweet of the day that has a picture of the Father of the Homeland.

The initiative was joined by intellectuals, artists and publications and organizations such as Cubarte and La Jiribilla newspapers, as well as Cuba´s National Union of Writers and Artists.